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Our Services:

Employment Health Assessments & Screenings
Healthy employees and less worker's comp is the goal. Our nurses offer convenient health assessments and screenings for your team, so you can focus on the services you provide.

Drug & Alcohol Testing
Drug and alcohol abuse can negatively impact safety, productivity, and employee attendance. Our DOT and non-DOT testing services help protect your business and workers.

Wellness Screens
Promoting a culture of well-being is essential to keeping your employees healthy and safe.

Injury Prevention & Management
Let's work together to prevent any potential injuries in your workplace and create a safe environment for everyone. By doing so, we can reduce absenteeism, minimize financial challenges associated with injuries, and enhance the overall employee experience

Prevent illness and absenteeism by requiring appropriate vaccinations according to industry. Protect your team from occupational exposure to infectious agents.

Hearing Testing
To comply with OSHA regulations, it is necessary to obtain new employees' baseline hearing levels within six months of employment. It is also essential to provide audiometric testing services to monitor each employee's hearing and offer education to protect their hearing levels.

Red Cross Training
Get your team Red Cross CPR certified with our convenient blended course. Our trained staff teaches life-saving skills to help victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

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