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Landsmeer Ridge residents share decades of crafts

Opal Johnson, age 98, has decades of memories to share with her fellow residents of Landsmeer Ridge Retirement Community in Orange City. Some of those memories are in the form of her embroidery handiwork. She just completed her 15th set of dish towels. Resident rooms at the retirement community, owned and operated by Orange City Area Health System, are filled with art, crafts, and handiwork from the past and present, holding dear memories of a life lived creatively. To share that handiwork with others, Opal came up with the idea of displays in the public hallway. Through August 6, fellow residents, family, friends, visitors, and the public could view rugs woven by Martin Raak on a loom that is now on display in the historical museum, knit hats by Lee Roos that are donated to Bibles for Missions to raise money for Haiti, and several other beautiful hand-made arts and crafts.

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