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Landsmeer Ridge Retirement Community: Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: How do I make arrangements to move to LRRC - are there always openings?

A. We have waiting lists for the Independent Living and the Assisted Living apartments. In order to have your name put on either or both lists a $500 damage deposit is required (one deposit will cover for either or both). This is the apartment deposit and is fully refundable should you wish to have your name removed from the waiting list/s and if you move out of an apartment and there is no damage beyond normal wear and tear.

Potential tenants are contacted in order of their name on the waiting list. If the person declines their name goes to the bottom of the list and rotates through again over time.

Q: Are pets allowed?

A: Pets are welcome in individual apartments subject to prior approval and extra deposit. Should a pet become a nuisance or the source of multiple complaints, the manager will work with the owner/s in an attempt to resolve the issue satisfactorily, and only if that cannot be obtained will the pet need to be removed.

Q: Are meal allowances made for vacationing tenants?

A: Tenants who are away for at least 15 consecutive days receive a meal credit beginning on day 15.

Q: What are the housekeeping and linen services and how are they provided?

A: Housekeeping of your apartment is done on a weekly basis. This includes light dusting, vacuuming, cleaning of hard surface floors and bathroom fixtures, cleaning of kitchen countertops and appliances, and laundering all flat linens. Flat linen – changing the bed and laundering the bedding – service is provided once a week.

Q: Can I keep my automobile?

A: Certainly! Garages with door openers are available on a monthly rental basis. Plus, there is ample outdoor parking space. If all garages are rented out, interested tenants can ask the manager to be put on a waiting list.

Q: What about security?

A: Our building exterior is equipped with electronic locks which allow for doors to be automatically locked and unlocked at hours which best accommodate tenant convenience and safety. Tenants and staff receive “fobs” which allow them to scan the reader at the door, thus allowing them entry through locked doors. Tenants may receive free-of-charge fobs to distribute to their loved ones for easy access to the entry door closest to their apartment.

Q. May I change apartments once I'm living there?

A: Certainly! Those living at Landsmeer Ridge have priority to move to another apartment in either Independent Living or Assisted Living. Talk to the manager to get on the waiting list for internal transferring.

Q: What if I eventually need a nursing home? Will there be a room available?

A:   We have a waiting list of around 120 but tenants who live at Landsmeer Ridge Retirement Community “jump” over those on the waiting list. However, there has to be an opening therefore even an LRRC tenant may have to move elsewhere until an opening comes.

Q: Are the apartments at Landsmeer Ridge covered by Medicare/Medicaid or insurance?

A: Medicare/Medicaid does not cover the cost of our apartments.

Q: I have long-term-care insurance. How does that work?

A: You will want to notify your long-term-care insurance company when you move to Assisted Living. They will be able to tell you if your policy includes provision for Assisted Living. If so, they will send all the forms necessary for making the monthly claims. Take these all to the LRRC manager who will have you sign in the appropriate spots and then will take on the task of completing all the forms for you. From then on LRRC will do the monthly billing on your behalf and the insurance company will send the checks directly to you. Note that LRRC bills in advance, just as when a person rents and apartment/house but insurance companies accept bills only after the month is concluded.

Q: Am I responsible for household insurance?

A: Landsmeer Ridge provides insurance for the building structure and common areas. We recommend renters insurance for your personal property.

For more information on Landsmeer Ridge Retirement Community contact our manager Kelly Heemstra at 712-737-8947 or email her at [email protected].

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