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Specialty/Outreach Clinic Schedule


Main Campus – 1000 Lincoln Circle SE

January 03  Cardiovascular Associates
January 09  Christopher Stanton, MD
January 10  Cardiovascular Associates
January 16  Christopher Stanton, MD
January 17  Cardiovascular Associates
January 24  Cardiovascular Associate
January 31  Cardiovascular Associate

January 21  Raymond Kuwahara, MD

January 28  Dana Brandys, MD

January 16  Douglas Martin, MD

January 08  Nasser Ab-Erreish, MD
January 29  Nasser Ab-Erreish, MD

January 03  Thomas Jacobson, MD
January 04  Wade Jensen, MD
January 10  Thomas Jacobson, MD
January 17  Thomas Jacobson, MD
January 18  Wade Jensen, MD
January 24  Thomas Jacobson, MD
January 31  Thomas Jacobson, MD

January 03  Aaron Zylstra, MD

January 14  Sara Oelke, DPM
January 28  Sara Oelke, DPM

January 07  Ross Bacon, MD
January 14  Ross Bacon, MD

January 17  Chad Wisco, MD
January 24  Chad Wisco, MD

January 02  David Daniels, MD
January 09  David Daniels, MD
January 16  David Daniels, MD
January 23  David Daniels, MD
January 30  David Daniels, MD

January 04  Patrick Kelly, MD

January 08  Danielle Hay, MD
January 22  Danielle Hay, MD

Medical Office Building – 900 Lincoln Circle SE

January 24  Beth Bruening, MD

January 02  Jared Dye, DDS
January 04  Clint Norby, DDS
January 09  Jared Dye, DDS
January 11  Clint Norby, DDS
January 16 Jared Dye, DDS
January 18 Clint Norby, DDS
January 23  Jared Dye, DDS
January 25  Clint Norby, DDS
January 30  Jared Dye, DDS

Downtown Campus – 400 Central Ave. NW

January 03  Brenna Koedam, LMHC
January 08  Charles Tilley, MSAP, PAC
January 10  Brenna Koedam, LMHC
January 17  Brenna Koedam, LMHC
January 24  Brenna Koedam, LMHC
January 31  Brenna Koedam, LMHC

Other specialty services:

• Wound, ostomy, continence, and foot and nail care

• Sleep studies

• Pain management

• Natural family planning/fertility care

• Dermatological evaluations, excisions

• Ultrasound-guided musculoskeletal interventions/PRP

• Seasons Center for Behavioral Health, Mill Creek Clinic
By appointment only 1.800.242.5101

• Dee Jay Donlin, Ph.D., LP, OCAHS Medical Clinic
By appointment only 712.737.2000

Orange City Area Health System is a comprehensive health system encompassing four family medicine clinics, sports medicine clinic, behavioral health clinic, award-winning hospital, birth center, surgical center, radiology and laboratory services, occupational health services, specialty outreach services, physical and aquatic therapy, home health and hospice, a retirement community, and a senior care center. The health system campus – designed with privacy and total healing as its foundation – is situated on 37 acres, including a pond with fountain, a healing garden, and a field of prairie grasses and wild flowers adjacent to the PuddleJumper Trail.

A team of family medicine providers, along with dedicated nurses, medical specialists, and 500 support staff, are committed to serving the region with the Core Values of Integrity, Commitment to Excellence, Dedicated Colleagues, and Extraordinary Customer Experience. Orange City Area Health System has been named one of the Top 20 Critical Access Hospitals in the nation, one of “50 Critical Access Hospitals to Know” in the U.S., and a Women’s Choice Award recipient for Outstanding Patient Experience for three consecutive years.



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