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The Aspire Center for Healthy Living is a multi-generation, multi-use, multi-sports complex designed to fill many needs in our community and the region – while “raising the tide” in multiple ways 

• Owned and managed by Orange City Area Health System
• Addresses some of the “Social Determinants of Health” needs
• Orange City residents polled expressed a high level of interest in a community recreation facility
• Fits into the City’s plan for development and expansion
• Provides year-round access to fitness and wellness programs for all generations and abilities
• Brings in people from throughout the region for tournaments, events, training/camps, etc.
• The “medical model” provides an Urgent Care Clinic, therapy/rehab, nutrition/diabetes/healthy living programs, cooking classes, occupational health, and many more health and wellness opportunities.
• Plus … coffee and smoothies!

A rising tide floats all boats

Every vote matters. Here’s why.

The Aspire Center dream team visited several facilities — similar in various ways, including indoor turf — and began brainstorming how we could fill a need here in Northwest Iowa for a multi-generation, multi-use complex that provides year-round access to fitness, wellness, nutrition, counseling, play, social interactions, rehab, sports camps and tournaments, and much much more.
Below are a few examples of other facilities being proposed in Iowa….

Contact us

More questions? Comments?

Contact Lisa Burg, Orange City Area Health System Public Relations, at [email protected]

How do I vote on the Aspire Center bond referendum?
All Orange City residents can vote on September 10 from 7am to 8pm at Living Water church. Between now and then, you can also vote at the county auditor’s office.

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