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Roots. Branches. Fruit.

A message from CEO Marty Guthmiller
Living in Northwest Iowa, we all have at least a fundamental understanding of the importance of a healthy root system. It is, of course, vital to our crops, our trees, and yes … our tulips! As this year’s Annual Report suggests, “roots” are important to who we are, to the stability of our organization, our culture, and our region. Throughout this 2018 Report to the Community, we highlight and celebrate not only our “roots” – but also the “branches and fruits” that result from a healthy and cared-for root system. At Orange City Area Health System, we value our culture, rooted in the philosophy of caring for others as we ourselves would want to be cared for. This culture – combined with talented clinicians and those that support our clinical structure – results in a healthy, safe, and innovative environment that benefits our communities and upholds our mission. While we continually strive to “do better,” we must never forget to care for our “root system” – and celebrate and appreciate its vital role in our collective future. Thank you for the privilege of caring for you and your family, and for the trust you place in us. Enjoy this 2018 Report to the Community!

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